What are we about?

Know it Wall (KiW) is a place for inquisitive minds. From the sciences to the humanities, let world-class researchers excite your curiosity.

Based at UCL and Imperial College London, KiW works with academics to make audio and video documentaries, as well as short articles, that explain what is cool or interesting about the subjects they dedicate their lives to. From Stegosaurus to Shakespeare, protons to pandemics, there’s no limit to what you could encounter! Learn more

Get Involved

If you are an academic — or know one — whose research is too interesting to be confined to academic circles, then just get in touch. Our community of academics spans PhDs in mathematics to lecturers in philosophy — there’s really no subject we’re not interested in. The process is simple: the academic sends us the text, and we do the rest. So drop us a line at with your details, institution and area of research.

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