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by Katy Clough in Physics

by Martin Siegert in Earth Science

by Hillel Steiner in Philosophy and Economics

by Gabriele Lignani in Neuroscience

by Jason Dittmer in Human Geography

by Medhi Ben Slama in Astrophysics

by John Took in Italian Literature

by Jonathan Butterworth in Physics

by Luke Fenton-Glynn in Philosophy

by Zoltán Biedermann in History

by Rose Luckin in Education

by Nick Piercey in Sociology

by Miguel Dos Santos in Philosophy

by Gaelle Coullon in Neuroscience

by Martin Knight in Bioengineering

by Matthew Dyson in Physics and Materials

by Olalla Castro Alvaredo in Physics and Computer Science

by Elisabeth Schimpfossl in Sociology

by Ian Ashpole in Geography

by Ping Yip in Neuroscience

by Euan McLean in Physics

by Yang-Hui He in Physics

by Heather Graven in Climate Science

by Emily Mayhew in Bioengineering and History of Science

by Alexander Samson in History

by Katarzyna Falęcka in History

by JohnJoe Mcfadden in Biology

by René Weis in English Literature

by Carlota Batres in Psychology

by Davide Danovi in Medicine

by Vieri Samek-Lodovici in Linguistics

by Mary Wellesley in Art History

by Michela Mazzon in Biology

by Eva Krumhuber in Psychology

by Susannah Maidment in Palaeontology

by Flavia S. Belham in Neuroscience

by Alejandro Galvez-Pol in Neuroscience

by Philip Pogge von Strandmann in Earth Science

by Adam Smith in History

by Emma Pauncefort in History and French Literature

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