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by Michela Mazzon

With the latest panic on Ebola melting away, it seems another feared disease has been contained and controlled. But why is it that, after all of our advance in medicine, we still rely on containment rather than cures? Michela Mazzon ...

In this podcast, Dickens expert John Mullan takes us on a journey through this great writer's mind, touching on his relationship to London, dreams, Bedlam, and more.

One of the most complex and finely-tuned ways of communicating emotion in humans are facial expressions. Social psychologist Eva Krumhuber fills us in on the latest research and takes us from the Oscars to the quest to create ever more ...

Stegosaurus is one of the most easily recognizable dinosaurs, in part due to the plates and spikes on its back and tail. But their function remains a bit of a mystery — or so Susannah Maidment tells us.

Human memory is an intriguing thing. On the one hand, we forget things all the time. On the other, there are things we never seem to forget. How could this be though? Memory researcher Flavia Schechtman Belham explains.

by Philip Pogge von Strandmann

The Earth is over 4 billion years old, but land animals have only existed on our planet for the past 500 million years. Why didn’t animal life on land emerge sooner? And why did it emerge at all? The Earth ...